Lofoten Islands

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BUDGET : 2690 € per person(base of 4 persons)  /  PARTICIPANTS : / TIME : 8 JOURS

In Winter time, fishers still holding the place… No so many riders in those lands of heavy cold and high adventure!


From 5th  to 12th Avril 2017

Time 8 days with 6 days of ski
Accomodation Renovated fisher Lodge
Pro UIAGM High mountain guide
Effectif 6 riders
Difficulty Bon niveau de ski

At 68° north, inside the Arctic Circle in North Norway, fishing has been the main source of income for the people for centuries. Nowadays in summer time Lofoten Islands have become a popular tourist destination, but during the winter it is still the fishermen that dictate the pace of life.As a ski touring destination Lofoten is still a well-kept secret, despite its beauty and great snow. Having the heart of a ski mountaineer one cannot resist falling in love with the skiing in Lofoten mountains.

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The mountains are up to 1000m high and offer a large variety of terrain from the steep coloir to the open powder slope, you will find it all. With snow sticking firmly also on the most steep faces, the sun standing low on the horizon and the views over the ocean in all directions, Lofoten mountains certainly is a unique setting for ski touring. Sunshine one minute, snow storm the next – that’s the normal winter weather in Lofoten. These swift changes provide you with magnificent light conditions, and are truly inspiring for those who like to take photographs. It’s certainly not the place to forget your camera.

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Ce programme est donné à titre indicatif. Nous devrons nous adapter aux aléas de la météo, aux conditions et au niveau des participants.

Day 1 : Internationnal flight > Oslo > Evenes > Lofoten

Day 2 : DVA research, and ski tour.

Day 3 à 7 : ski touring / split board.
(There is an optional possibilitie for a drop / retake with a boat to get on a side a way fjord to ski tour there)

Day 8 : Evenes > Oslo > France
Transfert à l’aéroport d’ Evenes, vol jusqu’à Oslo, puis vol international

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2490 EUR per personne (base of 4 persons)

The prices shown are only valid for certain booking classes on airlines serving this destination.They may therefore be modified in the event of unavailability of seats in these classes at the time of booking.


– 6 days of private ski guiding by UIMGA certified mountain guide
– 7 nights accommodation in seaside cabins
– Rental of minivan
– Gas and ferry fees
– All expenses for your guide

Not included:
– Self catered food (calculate 25€ per day for super-nice food and drinks), shopping and cooking work will be shared
– Flight tickets to Evenes / Harstad
– Mountain Rescue and cancellation insurance


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INSURANCE You can insure yourself or choose one of the options proposed in the registration form to return to the travel agency Les Matins du Monde. The 3 main guarantees are:

• Trip cancellation: this is an important risk but it is up to you to make your choice and to assume it. Please note that if you are not covered and you are obliged to cancel your departure within 60 days, you will not be entitled to a refund. • Repatriation assistance / Relief and rescue costs: this is an important guarantee that is often obtained with a credit card (to be checked by each according to its card), an automobile or a house contract, etc. Attention to the fact that this guarantee covers only the repatriation from a hospital abroad to the residence of the person concerned. This does not concern relief, and the payment of medical expenses is not always effective in sufficient amounts. Two guarantees for which one must be very vigilant:

• Costs and search and rescue: this is the most difficult guarantee to obtain. You must be covered at least for a sum of 15 000 € per person. Very few contracts offer this guarantee, and those who offer it sometimes limit the application to very specific cases (eg only in the event of an accident during the practice of a sports activity … Excluding any disease, or accident Except sports ground ….).

• Medical expenses: check that the medical expenses are covered by your contract and that the amounts covered are sufficient, otherwise all medical expenses will be borne by you. Attention: the repatriation insurance offered by the payment cards (Visa, Premier, Gold, MasterCard) is not enough for a trip to a remote area. On the other hand, these cards may cover the cancellation in the event that the trip has been paid in full by card.


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Nights in Lodge

Sébastien CAZORLA, moniteur de ski BEES 1° degrés et guide de haute montagne UIAGM


To enjoy this trip to the maximum a good physical condition is essential. Skiers must have a good experience of skiing and ski touring. They must be able to quickly execute changes of direction.
For those who wish it is of course possible not to ski every day.


Passport imperatively valid (check expiration date now). For a stay of less than 3 months, no visa for French, Belgian or Swiss nationals.
For other nationalities, inquire at the consulate or the embassy.
As always and everywhere, it is important to be protected against diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, hepatitis A and B, pertussis, measles especially for children and possibly against typhoid (raw fish).


Striking fjords, mythical archipelagos, sublime coasts, splendid roads, call of the Far North, aurora borealis, fascinating fauna: here, nature is overflowing with generosity, and boredom is not appropriate. To put it simply: Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Difficult to describe the breathtaking nature of Norwegian nature without using superlatives, as one is gripped by the raw beauty of these fjords lined with cliffs that deeply cut the coastline. The reputation of the fjords is highly deserved, but one should not forget the majestic glaciers that flow from ice fields one of the largest in Europe. Elsewhere in the country, the mountainous terrain of the Norwegian interior resembles a natural fortress and leads to coastal islands that seem to rise from the waters as if by magic. And, of course, we must not forget the irresistible attraction of the Arctic … This topography serves as a habitat for a particularly rich and charismatic fauna – polar bears (in Svalbard), reindeer, muskoxen, etc. As well as to Man, who has built wooden villages of the most picturesque.Together, they offer an undeniable personality to this amazing territory.

• Official name: Kingdom of Norway

• Nature of the regime: Constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system

• Area: 384 822 km² (including Svalbard)

• Capital: Oslo • Official language: Norwegian (bokmål, spoken language derived from Danish, and nynorsk, written language, “new Norwegian”). In some areas, sámi (or lapon)is also an official language.

• Population: 5,168,000

• Currency: Norwegian Krone (NOK) – exchange rate on 20.10.16: 1 NOK = 0.110777 EUR


Don’t panic, you have a good chance of seeing the sun … between two showers!The weather can be very beautiful, even hot for several days, then turn suddenly, without warning. This is part of the charm of Norway. Rain is an integral part of the country. We must accept it … without groaning.

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