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BUDGET : 2990 € per pers (base of 4 persons) / PARTICIPANTS : 1 to 6 / DURÉE : 12 Days with 9 of ski

A roadtrip on the powder highway : as close as we can to the Canadian mountains and the famous powder from British Columbia.

DATES: From 13th to 24th February 2017

Durée : 12 days with 9 days of ski
Accomodation : Luxary camping-car
Encadrement : UIAGM High Mountain Guide (seb Cazorla)
Riders : 6 riders
Difficulty : Good level off pist & ski touring

Straddling between British Columbia and Alberta, we will climb the Powder Highway of the Canadian Rockies. In a large and luxurious motorhome, we will connect the most snowy ski resorts on the North American continent.

Monashees, Selkirk and Purcell are the main summits that stretch over this area. For lovers of big powder, we will explore these valleys swallowed with white gold. During this ski safari, we ski at Fernie (which cumulates 11 meters of snow in winter) and at Nelson City (the coolest spot of the Powder Highway, moreover, located at the foot of the steep slopes of the Whitewater resort and not Away from Red Mountain). We will also stop at Revelstoke (the last of the resorts in the region which offers, in addition to off-piste skiing, the possibility of catskiing and heliskiing), Kicking Horse (self-declared capital of champagne powder) and In Lake Louise (famous for its huge estate in the beautiful Banff National Park).

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This program is given as an indication. We will have to adapt to the vagaries of the weather, the conditions of the mountain and the level of the participants.

Day 1  :
Internationnal flight > Calgary
Internationnal flight to Calgary, then we’ll take our big luxuary camping-car: then on the road to Fernie.

Day 2 to day 11 :
Day 2: Fernie
11 meters of average snow fall in Fernie, we’ll get there to warm up the legs. Night in Fernie.

DAY 3: Fernie
Ride in Fernie’s big powder. Road to Nelson.

DAY 4: Whitewater
Ski in Whitewater,well known resort to have few people in the lift files.Steep runs and cliff to drop … Nuit à Nelson

DAY 5 : Red Mountain
A few time on the road, et we’ll be in Red Mountain, a spectacular. Night at Nelson.

DAY 6 : Whitewater
Ride in Whitewater or Red Mountain : we’ll get where the conditions are the best. Night in Nelson.

DAY 7: Ski touring on the way to Revelstoke
Between Whitewater and Reveltoke (3h30),  we’ll have a breack to ski tour. Night in Revelstoke.

DAY 8: Revelstoke
One of the most well known ski resort in the world, where possibilities are  multiple : riding from the lifts, been ski touring, hélisking… Night in Revelstoke.

DAY 9: Revelstoke
Ski and night in Revelstoke.

DAY 10 : Rogers pass;
On the road between Revelstoke and Kicking Horse, we’ll have a stop on Roger Pass,and we’ll put the skins on to enjoy this famous B.C. spot.

We’ll try to get on the famous Mont Sir Donald, 3284m. Afer skiing, we’ll have 50mn on the road to join  Golden where we’ll spent the night.

DAY 11 : Kicking Horse
Ski in Kicking Horses, small resort, well known for his steep skiing area. Night in Golden.

DAY 12 : Lake Louise
After a few road (1h45 from Golden),we’ll put the skis on to discover Lake Louise (the biggest ski resort of the national parc: a huge playground for riders …). Night in Banff.

DAY 13 :
Calgary > International fly
Transfert to the Calgary’s airport, breackfast, then international fly to Europe.

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2990 EUR/person (base of 4 persons)


• Rent of our luxuary camping-car, gazoline, toll
•9 days guiding
•ski passes


• drinck, food, all personnal expenses

• International and domestic flights
• Cancelleling insurance, medical insurance, lose of luguages
• everything not wroten in the ‘included’ texte


– 35% of the total amount at the registration, with the registration form carefully filled in and signed.

– The balance must reach us 60 days before departure.


You can insure yourself or choose one of the options proposed in the registration form to return to the travel agency Les Matins du Monde. The 3 main guarantees are: • Trip cancellation: this is an important risk but it is up to you to make your choice and to assume it. Please note: if you are not covered and you are obliged to cancel your departure within 60 days, you will not be entitled to a refund. • Repatriation assistance / Relief and rescue costs: this is an important guarantee which is often included with a credit card (to be checked by each according to his card), an automobile contract or a home, etc ….

Attention to the fact that this guarantee covers only the repatriation from a hospital abroad to the residence of the person concerned. This does not concern relief, and the payment of medical expenses is not always effective in sufficient amounts. Two guarantees for which one must be very vigilant: • Search and rescue costs: this is the most difficult guarantee to obtain. You must be covered at least for a sum of 15 000 € per person. Very few contracts offer this guarantee, and those who offer it sometimes restrict its application to very specific cases (eg only in the event of an accident during a sports activity … excluding any illness or accident outside Sports field …). • Medical expenses: check that the medical expenses are covered by your contract and that the amounts covered are sufficient, otherwise all medical expenses will be borne by you. Attention: the repatriation insurance offered by the payment cards (Visa, Premier, Gold, MasterCard) is not enough for a trip to a remote area. On the other hand, these cards may cover the cancellation in the event that the trip has been paid in full by card.


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We will rent a huge camper foreseen for the cold and able to welcome us all. A friendly and roots atmosphere for a unique ski safari, but also the ability to go where we want and be more flexible.

Sébastien CAZORLA ski instructor, coach and mountain guide.

To enjoy this trip to the maximum, a good physical condition is essential. Skiers must have a good experience of skiing and ski touring. They must be able to quickly execute changes of direction. For those who wish it is of course possible not to ski every day.


In principle, a valid individual passport.

Since November 2016, the obligation to present an electronic travel authorization (AVE, as is already the case in the United States)

To be completed on the dedicated website. Cost: $ 7, to be paid online by credit card. The AVE is also mandatory for transit passengers in Canada.
Unless there is an exception (close to the embassy), the authorization is then automatically issued. It is valid for 5 years. We therefore advise you to check before the departure the formalities of entry on the site of the embassy of Canada.

No vaccine required.

Mythology of the Great North still has good days ahead. Infinite forests, sled dogs, thousands of lakes, igloos, salmon rivers, whales and bears, beavers, lumberjacks and seaplanes. This stereotyped (but real) imagery is vast and remains firmly rooted in The European minds … What are we going to look for in Canada? No doubt what is more and more lacking in us: nature and wide open spaces.
While backpackers discovered Canada a long time ago, they walked the other “Far West” where the snowy barrier of the Rocky Mountains stood. The fir trees line the landscapes to the confines of the Far North, where the sun shines in the summer, which seems to refuse to go to bed. In Canada, man bows to nature: he has learned to adapt himself to his ardor in order to better appreciate the fierce beauty that subjugates him by his immensity.
In Canada, during the winter, the snow in chaos covers the whole country with a white waddling: one skies to lose breath. Spring comes, the sweetness of which revives the forests. The green of the chlorophyll infuses the landscapes, announcing the carpets of flowers of the summer, in mountain. On the coast, the killer whales return, sailing in touch with the kayaks, while the whales cross to Alaska. In the autumn, finally, maples and birches inflame the hills of their incandescent palette.
In the footsteps of the pioneers on the Alberta ranches or in the Rocky Mountain national parks, the meeting with the Great West will live up to your expectations.

Calgary: Modern city, Calgary owes its prosperity to the oil boom. The city comes alive at the Stampede, a kind of rodeo festival that attracts hundreds of thousands of fans who dress in cowboys. Animation guaranteed! You are likely to land in Calgary for the Rockies.

Canada is subject to four distinct seasons, which determine the activity of the moment: winter and snow ideal for skiing in all its forms, spring dresses the country of green ideal for kayaking, autumn for A cultural tour in the main cities and summer, of course for all that is beach activity in particular, and outdoor recreation in general. In western Canada, the climate is divided into three main categories: a mild and humid microclimate on the pacific coast with heavy rains in winter, a dry climate, a summer heatwave in the center, and a cold alpine climate. Dry in the Rockies. Throughout the country, temperatures range from – 18 ° C (in January) to 20 ° C (in July and August).

Être bien préparé physiquement, c’est une des clés de la réussite d’une course.
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